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Записи с темой: фанфикшн (список заголовков)

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hot potato
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hot potato
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hot potato
Все-таки чукча не писатель - чукча читатель и все.
Я даже однострочник не то что не могу придумать, у меня даже желания такого не возникает :nope:

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Трейлер. Большие Гомосеки 2: Ледниковый период, или Вспомнить всё

hot potato
не прошло и двух лет, как я посмотрела этот трейлер. да, я скорострел тормоз :rolleyes:

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We Live In A Toy

hot potato
Everybody wishes their lives were something different than what it already is. It's the greed in us all. It's the Hollywood glam we all wish were. Every little girl wants her life told through a storybook. The pictures would glitter and there would be a prince, a castle, and a slain dragon. But no blood. The little girl's hair would be golden with curls. And she would be happy. That's how her life would be told. Every little boy, he wants his life spilled out like a movie. Not a chick flick. Not an action-adventure. Some little boys want explosions, but only on the inside. Something radiating off of his chest, bursting through his ears. The kind of independent movie that Natalie Portman would star in. But not every movie gets played out the way it’s supposed to be seen. It's clipped. It's Cut. Press. Print. It's something like that. Like my life.

My life didn't start until the summer I was fifteen. Cut to that day.

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Мило, простенько, со вкусом. I like it.

hot potato
"So, Ry... those 'pornfics' you mentioned a while back..."

"Don't bring that up. Not now."

"Aw, why not?"

"Not exactly what I want to think about when I'm cuddling innocently with my best friend."

"No, seriously though, where are they?"

"Why do you want to know? What are you going to do, read them?"

"I don't know. Maybe. I'm just curious."

"Well, Brendon, just your luck, I have no clue. A friend told me about them."


"Why do you want to read them so bad?"

"I just feel like it, okay?"

"You're gay."

"Says the man lying in my arms."

"Okay, fine."

"Hey, wait, where are you going?"

"I don't want to cuddle with you anymore."

"Too bad!"





"Bren? BREN. STOP IT."

"Aww. I don't wanna."

"You ARE gay."

"Maybe. Who cares?"

"I care. Stop feeling me up."



Just another day on the tour bus.

©2007-2009 ~ShiversTheNinja

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Brendon's Magic Lips

hot potato
Ryan was bored. That’s all it pretty much took – boredom. Being swallowed up by the complete dullness of life and the complete disinterest to live it. He’d go bother somebody about his apathy with everything but nobody was with him at the moment.

But there was Brendon.
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@темы: фанфикшн, нам слэш как свет в засилье гета©, Райден <3, for translation, DeviantArt


I Hate The Way I Love You.

hot potato
Предупреждение: ангст

I hate you.

I hate you and your goofy smile. Those full, pouty lips. That perfect hair, that amazing body. I hated you from the moment you placed your hands on my hips at that Masquerade Ball; whispering sexily in my ear as you danced to the beat, swaying my hips in time with yours. I hated the way you pulled off my mask and told me I was too beautiful to hide behind a charade, even when I didn't know your name and you didn't know mine.

I hate your charming, chestnut eyes, the way they glittered with the light of a million stars. I hate the way I fell in love with you right when I laid my eyes on you.

I hate the way I love you more than I love life.

I hate the way I love your kisses, the way they seemed to pull me from reality and intoxicate me with their addictive touch.
I hate the way you would hold me in your arms until I fell asleep.
I hate the way you would call me at three in the morning just to sing to me and tell me you love me.

I hate the way I love you.
I hate the way you love me.
I hate the way I couldn't let you go.

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@темы: фанфикшн, нам слэш как свет в засилье гета©, Райден <3, for translation, DeviantArt


Перевести, что ли? ^^

hot potato
Ryan’s dad beat him at least once a week. After each time, Ryan would run to the park, where his best friend Brendon was inevitably waiting for him. Brendon would put his arms around Ryan and let him cry, stroking his hair and whispering that everything would be ok, even though he knew it was a lie. "Ryan why do you keep going back home every time this happens?" Brendon asked softly. "I’m afraid he'll try and hurt whoever I’m with" Ryan said in a defeated voice. "Well I’m not scared. You’re staying with me tonight." It wasn’t a question. Ryan looked up at Brendon and knew this was not an argument he could win. A little while later they walked to Brendon’s house, Brendon’s arm around Ryan and Ryan leaning into Brendon. When they got inside Brendon started to make a bed for Ryan on the couch but Ryan stopped him. "I-I don’t wanna sleep alone tonight" (this is where my phone cut me off and I had to start a new one)
Brendon smiled and took Ryan’s hand and led him upstairs. Brendon made sure Ryan was comfortable before climbing in next to him. He put his arms around him again and closed his eyes. A few seconds later he opened them to find Ryan’s golden brown eyes staring into his own dark ones. "I’m really glad you're letting me stay here" they were quiet a minute before Brendon, his heart pounding wildly, moved his face forward an inch to touch his lips to Ryan’s. He heard Ryan gasp, but he also felt Ryan’s mouth open, letting Brendon’s tongue in, they kissed for a while, before Ryan pulled back to say "I’ve been waiting for that to happen for so long" Brendon smiled and brushed Ryan’s cheek with his hand.

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@темы: нам слэш как свет в засилье гета©, Райден <3, for translation, фанфикшн

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