hot potato
Frank really liked those days when they used to go downtown on Thursdays because nobody was there. He really liked the days when Brendon would buy him cotton candy, and they'd eat their way through it until their lips met.

Brendon would press closer, fingers clenched in Frank's collar until they were pressed together. He'd lick the flavor from Frank's lips and smile, pulling back and thinking about next week - what flavor they'd have, how far they'd get before Brendon pushed Frank against a wall and their half-eaten candy fell to the ground.


Frank would fall next to him after sex, he'd never lay on top of Brendon. He'd kiss his neck, though, and whisper little "You're beautiful"s or "You're all mine"s. His tattooed fingers would run over Brendon's chest and they'd rest together, truly being together. He'd close his eyes and whisper something about it being Brendon's turn to go out and get beer, and then he'd smile and bury himself under the covers.

Brendon would breathe slowly, distracted by Frank's touch on his skin; his eyes would slip closed, and he'd remember, think about everything - the touch, the sound. He'd roll onto his side and hide his face in Frank's neck and whisper, "Five more minutes."


There was always a thing about scary movies that Brendon loved and loathed at the same time. Frank always picked the scariest ones, and Brendon would always agree to watch them, bouncing on his feet, excited, listening to the popcorn in the microwave. Halfway through the movie he would always end up pressed against Frank's side, peeking through his fingers at the screen, unaware of his fingers laced with Frank's, comforting in the background.

Frank always chose the really scary ones because he knew how easily creeped out Brendon was. He'd use the movies as an excuse to hug Brendon close, tell him it's okay, and hold his hand, whisper, "Remember, if you have nightmares, you can always come and sleep with me." That was the only thing Frank didn't like about their dorm- It was two bedroom.


Frank hated sleeping alone. Before he and Brendon realized how much they meant to one another, they had their own bedrooms. Frank would sleep alone, and wonder what that missing feeling he had in his chest was. He figured out what it was, one night when a storm hit and Brendon peeked through Frank's door.

Brendon shook and trembled and winced when thunder echoed outside the window, when lightning flashed. He'd stumbled to Frank's bed, pulled at the covers and whispered in a cracking voice, "I don't want to be alone." Eyes shining in the darkness, raindrops shattering against the roof, he whispered, "Can I stay here, just for tonight?" After that, things were never the same.


There were some nights when Frank would have a big test or a final coming up. On those nights, he'd spread his whole arsenal of books out across the kitchen table, and tune everything out while he studied. Sometimes, Frank really hated college, because on those nights, Frank couldn't be with Brendon.

Brendon tried to stay away on those nights, in his room or even at a Starbucks, distracted by Jon until the early morning hours when he could return home and find Frank leaning over his papers with tired eyes, barely blinking. On nights when he just couldn't leave, he'd sit quietly and wait for Frank to go to bed, just so Brendon could follow and watch Frank sleep, hand wrapped around his wrist, the answers sinking in.


Brendon gets stuck babysitting for his brother and sister-in-law on their anniversary. Kyle is three years old and full of Brendon's spastic energy and love for candy - his favorite flavor is sour blue raspberry - and Brendon's brother leaves them with a box full of Gushers (says, "Have fun."). It's the longest weekend of his life, stuck inside with nothing to do - and for a weekend with nothing to do, it's exhausting.

On Sunday, Frank shows up with a single white rose and his cheeks are red and his eyes are shining. He tells Brendon that he missed him, and well, he just couldn't live without him. He smiles and laughs, that giggle that he's (partially) famous for when he sees Kyle, picking him up and setting him on his hip. he hands the rose to Brendon and kisses his neck before whispering that he had a surprise for him when he got back to their dorm. He winks and hopes Brendon catches his drift.


It's the day Frank Iero's graduating from college and under the gown, he's got a little box in his pocket that he's gonna give to Brendon at the end of the day. He takes his diploma offstage and when all the grads have their diplomas, they throw their hats in the air and Frank laughs when they come raining back down. He smiles and spies Brendon in the crowds, running forward and taking his wrist. "I gotta show you something."

"Okay, right," Brendon says, breathless. He quickly presses his lips to Frank's in a chaste kiss, then takes Frank's hand and pulls. "The crowd," He laughs, ducking out of the way of flailing arms and video cameras. "Come on, let's get out of here." At the edge of the campus, away from prying eyes, Brendon stops them and turns around, faces Frank with excited eyes. "Now, what was it you had to show me?"

Frank shimmies out of the gown and throws it on the ground, and manages to take the box from his pocket. He leans forward and wraps his arms around Brendon's neck and he kisses him deeply, and when he parts, he's breathless. He holds the box between them and opens it. "Will you marry me?"


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